I bet you’ll agree that not only the clients at the buying end but the designers themselves do not have a solid idea on the importance of graphics design.

Graphic design is much like the third act of magic: the prestige, in which one has to bring something into existence that was previously not there.

This is precisely what a good graphic designer does. However, this is where the problem begins to demoralize us.

While the graphic design industry is booming at supersonic speed, there are not many graphic designers who fully understand the importance of the magic that they have mastered.

And it goes without saying:

If you, being an excellent graphic designer, do not know why is graphics design important for communication with the clients to bargain on the price of the design to the deliverance, you will not do as good as you should.


If you, the reader of this post, is a person who needs to buy a graphic design for their website, business card, social media marketing or other purposes, and you do not know the importance of graphic design, you may never exploit the potential of design up to its true extent.


Here are seven undeniable reasons and examples that will show you the primary purpose of good graphic design:

1. Design Speaks Better Than Words

That “A picture is worth a thousand words” proverb might have become a cliché, but if you ask the reality, it is so true.

Take Apple’s logo, for example. What do you see on the back of every Apple product: MacBook, Macintosh, iPhone, and iPad, etc.?

Just Apple’s logo: An apple! You don’t see a mission or vision statement, not even a tagline.

So yes:

When it comes to spreading the word about one’s business, the design comes first and then comes the words. The design speaks louder, clear, and better than words.

Graphic Design is important than words

2. Graphic Design is Your Own Identity


For marketing purposes and speaking out louder, yes the graphic design is just as important as other factors, but what happens when you have to establish your own distinguished tone, style, and identity among competitors and for the prospects?

The design comes to rescue. Adidas and Nike are two different companies with the same type of product, the same pool of prospects, and the same niche.


When a prospect or repeat customer goes to a store with both Adidas and Nike products at a display, they take less than a second to identify the product of their favorite brand. The logo would reach their eyes before the brand name does so.

In simple words, why do we need graphic design is that it works as a connection between you and your clients and prospects, and they identify you among hundreds or thousands of others.

Nike & Adidas

3. Graphic Design is Your Company’s History & Philosophy

One of the most intelligent authors, who wrote “The Prestige” (the movie was based on this novel), Christopher Priest, had this notion that people do not really look for the secret but only for the effect of magic.


The graphic design is not just a merger of image, colors, and different angles, etc. It is deeply connected with the history and philosophy of many companies.

Take Evernote for example; its logo is an elephant with an ear that looks more like a paper with a bent corner. The elephant was chosen because of its good memory, and the page-like-ear is chosen because this is a note-taking app – something that we otherwise do with a paper.

evernote logo transformation

Take the example of Audi – you think that four rings are without a good reason and just because they look cool? No! Actually, four rings represent four companies behind the making of Audi.

Audi Logo 4 Rings


The main purpose of graphic design is that it is more like your “business family tree”. It lets people know where you are from, who you are, and what you want to be.

4. Graphic Design Can Boost Your Sales

Yes, it can:

A thought-provoking, intelligently done and pleasing graphic design, whether it is on paper, Facebook page banner, website banner, logo or otherwise, can boost your sales.

It is because people love good design and a good design spread good vibes about your business. Vibes play an vital role in a time when a prospect has a few seconds to decide whether they will buy from you or not.

Take the example of Starbucks:

Their Christmas days mugs used to have Christmas related graphic art on them, and when someone entered a Starbucks shop in a cold, winter night around 25th of December (Christmas), they loved to see Santa Clause, his cart and other Christmas art on Starbucks disposable coffee mugs.

Some genius decided that Christmas is nothing but a stupid pagan festival that somehow crept into Christianity and that Starbucks, being beacon holder of modernism and progress, needed not to support stupid religious rituals and stuff like that.


Bam! When the next year’s Christmas was around, people who used to see beautiful Christmas art on their coffee mugs saw nothing but Starbucks logo, and they were angry to find out that Starbucks had no respect for public festivals and rituals.

Starbucks holiday cup design criticism


An excellent graphic design strategy – synced with the sentiments of your target clientele, will definitely rake in a lot of money for you.

5. Role of Graphic Design in Professional Communication

Apart from all other points that prove the value of good graphic design, there is this point which not many people pay attention to.

Importance of graphic design in communication is just another aspect, and as a matter of fact, good design plays a significant role in getting you sales and establishing a credible and professional image.

Any example?

Yes. I’ve been giving examples of all the points made above and here is another example. Go to your email inbox and open all emails sent to you by companies and organizations that sell some services or products.


Go to the trash and find out all the marketing emails that you deleted.


Now check, and I bet, if not all of them, at least a vast majority of them would have really nice email signatures based on excellent and decent graphics.

email signature


Most of them come with simple, but responsive HTML email design – in simple words, the image underneath the marketing text or news. This kind of email, whenever you open it, says something immediately.

“It is a business message about something that might be of great value to you.” And God knows, even if we delete such an email, we do it after reading it. It makes a business look very professional and credible.

6. Graphic Design is Strength Behind Your Company’s Name

It is a matter of fact:

However, many people fail to see the obvious. On a daily basis, not once but many times a day, we get to notice at least one company whose name is so much known and can easily be identified, because of graphic design.


I’ll get to the importance of graphic design behind the name of this company, but first, let us talk about the type of logo designing:

What is Wordmark logo?

Well, in simple words, it is merely a merger of word + color & graphics. Google “wordmark logo” and tell me the first few images you see.


Google itself. Then CNN, Disney, Jeep … the list is long. A lot of companies, big shot, blue-chip companies out there think that the company’s name is not enough for the holier cause of branding, those words must also be turned into a logo.

This is the strength of graphic design that works behind the name of a company – a company as big as Google.

wordmark logos

7. People Love Graphics


Haven’t I established and proved each and every of my claim with evidence? I will give evidence of this contention as well.

Although it is a universal truth and you know it yourself, but we have to prove the role of graphic design in educationbusinesscommunication, and other walks of life.

Let us do it:

Go to the Google search page and enter a topic of your choice. Done? Now open a blog post that ranks on top for your searched topic.

I’d be a fool if you told me that that post exists on top without any graphic design job – no image, no meme, no Gif, and other sorts of graphics.

What else do you need to admit that graphic design for business is just like water for fish? In today’s society, no business can survive without hiring a graphic designer.

Take Infographics as an example of my claim. There is a big community of submission websites, creation websites, people who make them and people who need them, only because the internet loves graphics.

By internet, I mean social media and Google prefer content with appealing graphics only and only because – people love to see some splendidly done Photoshop or Illustrator job on every post: and that too in abundance.


Dear reader, I bet that these seven reasons, with undeniable examples, are enough to prove “what role does graphic design play in society”, and over the internet beyond any doubt.

In simple words, if you overlook the importance and benefits of good graphics job, you will do great disfavor to your personal and business presence over the internet.


Starbucks Red Cup Controversy

Audi’s Four Rings